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At Savage Barbell Club, Inc. we believe in training in the trenches as a team; that we’re stronger together, and that in the united pursuit of strength, vulnerability is rewarded, creativity is ignited, and true power is developed.  We cultivate an environment where questions are encouraged, risks are part of the process, and the limits of the human body are explored and expanded. Incorporating new methods while embracing an Old-School Powerlifting training style, our strength-training program prepares our lifters for life as well as the platform.

Clash of Crews is an invitation into this environment, where your crew will have the opportunity to LEARN, LIFT, and LEAD.


Every month an expert specializing in strength or movement will lead a seminar highlighting one of our five pillars: Movement, Mindfulness, Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery, Strength.


Every event features a different lift variation selected randomly on the day of the event. Crews are scored as a team, utilizing our unique scoring system, which levels the playing field for all lifters regardless of experience or strength level. The selected variation will be demonstrated prior to the competition and coaching will take place throughout the event ensuring your crew walks away equipped to take their strength experience to the next level.


We believe the strength community should be the strength of the community, so a portion of all proceeds will go to one of three local charities over the course of the year.